Sunday, 30 January 2011

Album: The 13th Floor by Sirena

Shuffle on MP3 never seems to do its job but tonight its actually throwing out string of amazing song and it must know its Sirena week! So with it being Sirena week I've shuffled into my old Sirena collection. Anthony has already completed a review of Sirena's Enigma of Life of readable here, but here is my thoughts on their previous album: The 13th Floor.

The Album
Stepping away from Sirena's early work to more 'main stream' 13th floor still maintains its Gothic genera but accessible to many. The album merges the divine vocals of Ailyn (formally on Spanish X-factor, glad to see she was saved!) with a powerful and eerie latin choir and death vocals. Personally I love to see different vocal types merged to create an effect, the 13th floor does this, the death vocals are well placed with Ailyn alluring vocals taking stage backed up by the choir for effect.
Instrumentally its nothing special but neither is there much room to fault it. A multitude of instruments complement the vocals, violin and piano give the symphonic which along with the choir give the album its feel. Generally drumming is nice and heavy complemented with effective rifts,

Notable Tracks
The Path to Decay - The first song and the single taken from this album, the path to decay is a great song, although heavy its very symphonic and accessible.
Sirens of the Seven Seas - One of my all time favourite songs! While this album will never be my favourite this song is on of my all time favourites. It is the only track to be lead by male vocals and they are clear male vocals that eventually blend into grunts as the character of the song succumbs to Sirens. A great song that shows off Sirens full retinue, an amazing end to the album.

The 13th Floor is kind of album that each song you listen too you think is amazing but they don't stand out in your mind. While this is a good album and has loads of great songs, it just lacks something to make it amazing and I'm struggling to find what that is.

3.8/5 - Not a special album but by no means bad, full of great songs and you wouldn't regret owning it.

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