Thursday, 3 March 2011

Important News: DragonForce finally reveal new singer

The UKs favourite guitar hero metal band are back in business. Perhaps one of the most widely known British (despite most members having foreign ties) metal band has revealed Marc Hudson as their new singer as seen bellow:
Not all looking out of place amoung his new band mates Marc Hudson was selected through a fan video submitting scheme. 
Upon listening to the first samples realised by DF, I like Marc. I think it was a wise move to go with a different sound to ZP. it eases the pressure off Marc and allows ZP's albums to stand out as they rightly should. Considering DF broke up with ZP over the direction of the band I'm exited about what to come and I hope with a new singer they can produce an album that lives up to the hype of the previous albums. Personally I'd like to see an album closer to Vally of the Damned rather than the insane direction they were heading.. although I 
we will wait for their next album out in September 2011 to find out. 

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